Who we are.

In May of this year I will become an Angel. How do I know this you ask? Well, I know because this May I will be marrying a man with the last name of Angel. Together with his parents, Seth and Debbie we will be staring on a family adventure in agriculture. My name is Shana and currently I work off the farm in an agriculture related field. My fiancé, Jonathan, and I are both one generation separated from the farm but have independently discovered a mutual passion for farming.

This May holds more than just a wedding for us, Jonathan will also be graduating from veterinary school and become Dr. Jonathan! He specializes in farm animal medicine. While vet school has been an incredible journey, I think we are both thrilled to move on from that particular journey.

My degree is in agricultural business and I work off the farm at a local co-op. I love my job because I get to spend my days talking with the farmers in my area. I could not ask for a kinder, more caring group of people to work around.

After graduation Jonathan will be moving to the house that I own in town. We will live there with my three critters. We have a cat named Moo, a rabbit named Charcoal and an almost dog (I call her a living teddy bear) named Mayberry.

Jonathan’s parents both have jobs off the farm as well. They have two boxers named Armi and Ginger. The boxers provide constant entertainment.

My parents are excited to be a part of our unique agricultural journey as well. Jonathan and I are very fortunate that both sets of our parents live in the area and support us unwaveringly.

Together we are one crazy family that makes up Angel Family Farms.

1 thought on “Who we are.”

  1. Glad you stopped by my Midwest Maize blog. It gave me a chance to see the adventure you’ve started on. May you find much joy in the pursuit of your farming adventure. It sounds very exciting. I look forward to seeing how the Angel Family Adventure develops.


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