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I am a Female Farmer

I am a female farmer and I am strong.

I can carry hay bales and turn wrenches.

I can hammer, saw and shovel for hours.

I can lug a calf across the sale barn.

I can carry a 50lb feed bag to the barn and never even flinch.


I am a female farmer and I am flexible.

I can eat a meal in the barn, in the field or wherever I need to.

The phrase “there has been a small change of plans” doesn’t phase me.

I can drive a tractor, ATV, car, truck, or semi depending on the day.

I can go from shoveling manure to dressed for a wedding in 30 minutes flat.


I am a female farmer and I am emotional.

I have fought back tears when I lost a calf I’d been fighting for.

I have felt joy when a sick calf got better.

I have struggled with deciding to euthanize an animal.

I have been filled with excitement when a new seedling breaks through the soil.


I am a female farmer and I am smart.

I can keep detailed records for the farm and keep track of every purchase.

I am constantly looking for continuing education because learning is important.

I can design systems to sort cattle or trouble shoot a broken piece of equipment.

I understand markets and how they affect my bottom line.


I am a female farmer and I am prepared.

I am rarely found without a pocket knife and some baling twine.

I almost always have at least one change of clothes in my car for when “plans change”.

I am skilled with a slow cooker so that my supper is always ready and warm.

My phone is always with me because farm accidents do happen.


I am a female farmer and I am imperfect.

I make mistakes. A LOT of them.

During the busy times of the year, my house is a mess and laundry doesn’t get folded.

I have a hard time admitting what I don’t know.

I really do not know it all and often have to ask for help.


I am a female farmer and I am passionate.

I will stay up through the night and get up before dawn to care for an animal.

I have dedicated my life to a profession I believe in.

I will defend a production method that I believe is safe until the end of time.

I will tell my story to whomever will listen because I believe the farm story is one worth telling.


I am a female farmer and I LOVE what I do.





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