Farming Friends

The other day was one of those days where you really learn the value of a good farming community! The day started out pretty normal. I was working, but was Jonathan’s day off and he had our 7 week old son with him. We had a hog that was supposed to be dropped off at the butcher first thing, so he hooked up the trailer. Loading a hog with a baby in the truck might have been complete chaos, except that our awesome friend Josh was able to help J herd the fat pig onto the trailer and get him secured. We are SO thankful for Josh.

Later in the day, J had run up to town to switch cars with me when his phone rang. It was the neighbor, Dale, telling him that one of our cattle was in the road. Of course. Great timing. Dale promised he would keep an eye on her for us until Jonathan got to the farm to get her back in the fence. Luckily, it was our sweet little heifer Schoolgirl who would follow us anywhere… as long as we have pears. So she trotted right back in the gate as soon as J got there.

Finally, after we all got home and were getting ready for bed that night J’s phone rang, it was our friend Josh. One of his calves was looking like it had a joint infection. Luckily, we had a bottle of the exact antibiotic he needed down in the tractor shed because we had just used it to treat a joint infection in a turkey the week before!

Our farming friends have called us out to help with a sick calf at 10:00 at night and have shown up at our farm to help us breed cattle before the sun was up. Farming is not an occupation that you can do by yourself. The saying goes it takes a village to raise a child, but I’m pretty sure that it also takes a village to farm!


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