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Kitchen Aid Mixer Love

I did something I’ve been holding out on for a while. I bought a new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. My mom picked up my trusty old stand mixer from a garage sale for $25 about 5 years ago. I have no idea how it was used before that or even how old it was. It proved to be my most useful tool in the kitchen. I LOVED that mixer and boy did I use it. I pushed that poor little mixer to the limit. It was a work horse. I was starting to notice that the motor would start to slow down when I would use it for more than just small tasks, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on a new one.


Then my mom called me and told me that the stand mixer I had been eyeing up (A 5 quart Professional HD Stand Mixer) was on sale for at Sam’s Club for $100 off. The timing was perfect, so I bit.  I had it shipped to the house and when that box showed up on my porch I was ecstatic. The anticipation as I pulled my gorgeous new mixer out of the packaging was probably irrational. As I admired it’s beauty, I discovered that there was a little note in the box.


Because of a supply issue, they had actually sent me an even bigger bowl than I had ordered. This mixer just keeps getting better! (Shout out to Kitchen Aid for upgrading my mixer instead of making me wait for one!) I set my old mixer and my new one next to each other and the comparison was unreal.


I decided that I couldn’t sell my old mixer in good conscious, knowing that the motor was slowing down. I didn’t want to throw it away either since it was still good for simple cooking. I decided to give it away. I posted it on Facebook to see if any of my friends wanted it (fully explaining the issues) and within minutes one of Jonathan’s coworkers had jumped on it and my old mixer had a new home.

Now it was just me and my new mixer.


Okay, so I know you have all been super excited to hear how it works, so I did a simple trial. I made butter.


The sound this mixer makes is so different than my other one. It is a little quieter (still noisy though), but it definitely has a different noise. It didn’t seem at all stressed by the amount of time I had it running for butter (probably about 20 minutes). It didn’t get hot either. It was aligned great from the beginning so I didn’t have to worry about making any adjustments like the instructions said I might. Basically, I am in love with this thing.

What I’m trying to say is that if you are on the fence about buying this mixer versus a smaller size, or wondering if a Kitchen Aid stand mixer is worth the almost painful cost, if you bake with any regularity the answer is yes. Absolutely yes. What are you waiting for? Go order one. Right now.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Aid Mixer Love”

  1. I’m learning to make fresh pasta with mine. After my first miserable attempt, I decided to invite two of my sisters over for support. Using semolina flour and 12 egg yolks plus two eggs was the winning combination. And, having a glass of wine with your sisters makes it more fun!


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