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Mozzarella- My Nemesis

It takes me about 20 minutes of arthritis inducing hand milking my family cow, Belle, to produce a gallon of milk. So far, I have wasted FIVE of these precious gallons trying to make mozzarella cheese. Every recipe I have looked at says things like “Super easy mozzarella recipe!” or “No fail mozzarella”. I CAN. NOT. get it right. One time the curd was like cottage cheese, one time the curd dissolved when I heated it, two more times the curd just kind of fell apart, and the last batch I ended up with the hard ball of nastiness below.

Yeah. It looks gross right. I have read every tip on the internet and even spoken with my local cheese making expert. I have tried 2 different recipes. It uses a ton of milk, takes a bunch of time, and makes a ridiculous amount of dishes. I still haven’t gotten an edible cheese. How frustrating is that?!?! The answer is very frustrating.

I kept holding off on writing this post. At first I was hoping to just make a post about making mozzarella. Then I was going to make it a post about trying, failing, and eventually succeeding, but I still haven’t gotten to the success part. So here I am writing this post about failure. I won’t lie, I’m going to keep trying and chances are you will hear about it when I figure out the exact right combinations of temperatures and timing to make this delightful cheese. But for now, mozzarella cheese is a challenge that I have not yet conquered.

So I guess in conclusion, if you have your own “mozzarella” in your life right now that you just can’t seem to get right; keep trying. It may seem like an overwhelming mountain, but it will be worth it in the end.

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