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Great Smoky Mountains Mush Recipe

This morning, my toddler decided that 3:15AM was an appropriate time to wake up. It was not. For better or worse we were awake. So while my not-yet-awake brain was shoveling cereal and coffee into my body, I flipped through the amazing new cookbook that I bought while I was in the Smoky Mountains a few weeks ago.

I have a soft spot for corn mush, but it is something I have never even thought to make myself. The recipe for mush in here seemed like something my 4am self could make, so while Kenton was stabbing play dough happily at his desk, I dove into this recipe:

You guys, this was so easy to make. Legit, it hardly takes longer to make this than it does to open the package from the store and it is way better homemade. The only step that takes a little longer is that it needs to be refrigerated for a while before you cook it (which you have to do with store bought mush anyway-it is just already pre-refrigerated).

So, after my cereal (which is never very filling) wore off I decided to fry up some of this deliciousness. My biggest regret is that I did not have any bacon grease to fry it in, so I had to settle for butter. It was still amazing. I drizzled some honey from the farm over top and enjoyed the fact that I could eat it in peace because Kenton was back asleep already.

So the recipe is pretty straightforward, but I did notice a couple things that would be useful when you go to make it.
1. Sprinkle the cornmeal LIGHTLY on top of the water, then mix it in. THEN add more the same way. If you don’t, you get clumps and it is difficult to get them all de-clumped as it thickens.
2. It needs to get THICK. Like peanut butter thick… maybe thicker. It takes less than 2 cups of cornmeal to get it that way though (I didn’t actually measure how much I used).

This recipe is super good and super easy. I hope that you make it and then leave me a comment about it. MOST IMPORTANTLY head over to the Great Smoky Mountains Association website and support them! Maybe buy one of their FIFTEEN cookbooks. You won’t be disappointed.

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