The Midnight Call

My apologies for the brief hiatus of posts. Our wedding and honeymoon were a dream come true and now J and I have dived full force into our lives together. He officially started work as a mixed animal veterinarian the week after we got back from Aruba. So far, I think he has had some pretty interesting adventures. Last night’s adventure is one that neither of us will soon forget. Last night he had his first solo midnight emergency call. 

We had been asleep about an hour when I heard J start rustling around. He grunted something that resembled “Oh, I have a text from the answering service”. He stumbled out of the bedroom and I heard him call the owner back. For a moment I thought about asking if he wanted me to ride out with him so he didn’t have to go all the way out alone, then I heard him say something about eyes and I firmly decided to stay and sleep. (I don’t do eyes. They freak me out!). I have to say, J continuously impresses me with his patience and caring. The way he spoke to that panicking owner on the phone at midnight was calmer and kinder than I speak to most people during the day! I was barely able to form a coherent thought and he was out in the hallway laying out a plan to handle a traumatic injury. It was quite humbling.


After he called one of the other veterinarians for some quick advice he quietly slipped out the door. He left the house at 11:30pm and returned around 4:00am. The procedure he had to do wasn’t an easy one, and wasn’t one he had much experience with. As a veterinarian with just shy of 2 weeks of work under his belt, I can only imagine how intimidating that little injured Chihuahua must have looked! But, with some guidance of his coworkers and an excellent tech, there is a recovering little doggy today.


The level-headed dedication to the wellness of animals is something that J has learned through years of being around animals and farmers. Just as Jonathan is willing to hop out of bed at all hours of the night to heal a wounded critter, so is a farmer with their own livestock. They consistently rise at obscene hours to make sure that each animal gets fed and watered. They will trudge through mud, snow or heat to check calves or fix a broken fence. J’s profound commitment to care for animals is rivaled only by the compassion and enthusiasm that his farmers have for their animals. Luckily, last night’s case had a happy ending and it was certainly a call that neither of us will ever forget.


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