Summer is here!

Summer has finally made its way to the valley and things are looking good! We have had huge amounts of rain lately which has been really hard on some of the crops in the area. Soybeans are drowned, corn has lost lots of nitrogen, wheat has sprouted and hay is in all states of disrepair! Our gardens were spared from a drowning and the sun has come out (for a few days at least). 

Today we made our first trip to a farmers market with honey, green beans, squash, zucchini and some little crafts mom made. Angel family Farms is off to a great first summer. I thought that instead of too many words today, I would share some pictures of all of our goings on.  

Mayberry was my helper at the farmers market today! She slept the whole time!
The Angel Family Farms booth at the farmers market!
Our six Rhode Island Red chicks. They’re growing very fast! At around four weeks old they are eating two if the feeders worth of food a day!

Our two new buff orpingtons (Ophelia and Eloise 2.0) and our barred rock. We lost our original two to raccoons.
Our biggest and most productive hive! Lots of brood and they’re working on some more honey!
We got lots off green beans today. many many more that will be ready i. the next couple days!
Farmer Seth battling the weeds in the sweet corn.
Some zucchini plants going crazy!

Our gorgeous garden!

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