A Lesson from Chickens

I was never going to have chickens. I knew everything I needed to know about them. They were disgusting and they smelled SO bad. Cattle, hogs, horses and goats were all okay. Chickens were an absolute never. Well, okay maybe a couple meat chickens, once. Just to say I did. But no more. 

Poor little Matilda though, she was too sweet. But I couldn’t take just her. I had to take the other two orpingtons as well. She wasn’t doing well and being alone would only speed up the process. They could go to our friends’ flock once they were big. 

Then they were too big for my house in town, but I was sort of attached. I spent too much time with them and wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh eggs?!? We could try the chicken house at the farm. Jonathan’s meat birds did okay out there. 

Darn raccoons. I was starting to get excited about having eggs. Well at least I didn’t have to worry about taking care of those nasty chickens anymore. I sure was looking forward to eggs though… Maybe my cousin has some chicks she doesn’t want. She raises orpingtons. Then there were two. And another from a girl at church. Then six more Rhode Island reds because rural king still had some. But if any of these are roosters, they’ll be dinner. 

That barred rock is definitely a rooster. But he’s so darn pretty! Plus having a rooster can’t be all bad, he’ll protect the girls. He can stay for now. As long as he’s not too loud. I really like my chickens. Now if I could just get some eggs…

It’s funny how by getting to know things better our attitudes change. When we take time to learn about different people and ways of life (and I mean truly learn, not just read about on the Internet!!) it is incredible how much our perspectives change!  Take some time to really get to know something; a farming practice, a culture, anything! You’ll be amazed at what you discover!

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