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Breaking Free.

Today was day one of an exciting new journey for me. Today I did not go in to work at a full time job with a bi-weekly pay check like I have for the last nearly 6 years. Today I woke up and I worked for me. I went out and I took care of a garden from which I will feed my family and sell the extra produce at a roadside stand. I tended to chickens whose eggs or meat I will sell to make some money to keep our farm running.

It was every level of amazing to be able to do what filled my heart with joy today. I worked really stinking hard and I am completely exhausted writing this tonight, but I’m happy. I felt like my day was mine and I didn’t leave anything on the table.

Today was the first of hopefully many, but it most certainly won’t come easy. I have to use my time to earn money-either on the farm or through my side hustle. I am going to have to bust my butt, be REALLY good about my budget, and stay focused on my goals.

I don’t want any

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