The Unnecessary War

There’s some foul language in this one, but he makes an EXCELLENT argument about labeling of biotech crops! Very worth the read!

The Skeptical Beard

I don’t think I’ve ever written about GMO labeling. I’ve always thought it was pretty clear why anyone opposes it. Today someone asked me why a company would work so hard against regulations like this, and I answered as best I could at the time, but class was beckoning and my response was more of a survey than any kind of in depth commentary.

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National Agriculture Day and A Story About My Dog

Happy National Agriculture Day! Since I've recently told you about what agriculture means to us and why we are a part of it, I thought I would tell you a story instead. This is a story of my goofy little dog on our farm this weekend. Sweet little Mayberry, as I have referenced before, is… Continue reading National Agriculture Day and A Story About My Dog


“Fighting for Understanding”: An Advocate’s Checklist

Here are some excellent tips for Ag chat opportunities!

The Fanning Mill

If you’re a farmer on Twitter, chances are you’ve come across #farm365, the agricultural advocacy concept that was hijacked by radical vegans, with sadly predictable results. After the first week, I was inspired to share a short list of “tips” that I hoped would guide conversations in positive directions. It generated a lot of supportive feedback at the time, and over a month later, I still the image popping up here and there. Some people have argued that there is value in “engaging radicals” in order to inform the silent observers – I would agree to a point, but this is where knowing when to “pull the plug” is essential – it’s far too easy to get sucked into a downward spiral of negative messages.

A few folks suggested that the tips applied to social media in general, so I’ve “photoshopped” the original image – it fits in nicely with…

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